Introduction: A Brief Summary of Suspicions

Here is some reasons why people have strong suspicions towards Sakura Yashiki
who married to a wealthy celebrity, Takajin Yashiki in Japan.

Secret past
Sakura appeared to be single in a book called Jun-Ai described her days
with Takajin, however, she was married to an Italian man when she first
met Takajin. She had at least four marriages in the past, plus secretly
being a mistress to earn 50,000 yen*1 a night from the man during
her two marriages.

Creating a new Facebook account while she was watching him dying
Sakura had opened up a new facebook account as Sakura Yashiki on
1st January 2014, only 44.5 hours before Takajin passed away.
Sakura also changed her cover photo seven hours prior of his death.
(Takajin passed away at 1am 3rd January 2014.)

Tried to deceive with a note to steal donations
Takajin's total assets are estimated around 800,000,000-1,000,000,000 yen.
He left a will to donate 600,000,000 yen in total to three different organizations,
and the rest to Sakura (nothing to his sole daughter mysteriously).
However, Sakura requested at least two organizations to give her
the money instead of receiving the donations. She brought a note to prove that
it was Takajin's wish that the money belongs to her. The person addressed
on the note realized straight away that the note did not seem to be true
(wrong nick name etc).

Treating Takajin's family dreadfully
Takajin had been strangely isolated from most of his friends and family since
he met Sakura. Even his mother, brothers and his only child could not contact
him for two years and no one of the family was not able to see him while
he was alive. Sakura did not even allow anyone to notify Takajin's mother
and brothers about his death and only the daughter was able to see him before
the cremation (no proper ceremony was held, either). Sakura even tried to refuse
Takajin's family to attend a big memorial service held by TV broadcasting
companies two months later*2. Takajin's daughter and his two
brothers had to make a lot of effort patiently to convince the organizer of
the ceremony to let the family attend.

Takajin's mother passed away after three month of Takajin's death.

And there's more...

1: From the official record of her court case in 2007.
2: Takajin's family was invited to the public service during the daytime as same as all
other fans, however, the family was refused to attend the private service held in the
night with lots of celebrities and politicians until the family negotiated patiently.

Brief biography of Sakura Yashiki (very short version No.1)

Sakura Yashiki (1981~)
The third and last wife of Yashiki Takajin (1949~2014) who was a pop singer
and a charismatic TV host renowned especially in Mid-West metropolitan
area of Japan. Sakura was 32 years younger than Takajin and had
experienced marriages (and divorces) three times in the past.
Also, when she met Takajin for the first time and decided to look after
him who was in serious disease, she had not yet divorced her Italian
third husband. Being married only for two months and several days before
Takajin's death, she inherited a large part of his enormous fortune and
all of his business rights. Now, many suspicions have arisen about her
intention to marry Takajin who was much older than her, knowing he was
diagnosed stage three cancer.

Brief biography of Sakura Yashiki (very short version No.2)

Sakura(1981~) is the last wife of Takajin Yashiki (1949~2014) and a heroin
of Jun-Ai, the book written by Naoki Hyakuta, one of the most money
making novelists in Japan. Although she is portrayed in the book as a
pure-hearted unselfish lady, loyal to Takajin who was dying with cancer,
in reality, she had married at least three times and has been a mistress
of a senior-aged wealthy businessman for more than four years before she
first met Takajin. In addition, the horrifying fact has been reported that
she demanded her partners in the past for compensations via lawsuits every
time she got divorced or left them, obtaining money.
Sakura married Takajin only two months and several days before his death
and inherited a large part of his enormous fortune and all of his
business rights.

Sakura's biography (short version)

Sakura was born in 1991 between Korean parents living in Akashi, Hyogo Pref Japan.
After graduated from a commercial high school, she worked in local clothing stores
and made the first marriage at age of 21 in 2001, and divorced three years later.
Before the divorce, she obtained Japanese nationality in 2003.
After that, Sakura started learning English at a vocational school in Osaka,
and got to know an American young man which became her second husband.
But this second marriage did not last long, either, because the secret
came to light that Sakura had been a mistress of a wealthy senior-aged
businessman since 2002, since her first marriage and the
relationship was still current.
Both the American husband and wealthy businessman had to file a legal action
and were paid some compensation to settle the feud with Sakura to leave her.

In 2009, Sakura found her third husband. This time, it was an Italian man
who was younger than her. She stayed for a while in Italy with her husband,
but returned to Japan in late 2011 and got acquainted with a famous TV host
named Yashiki Takajin. Entreated by Takajin, Sakura decided to stay in Japan
to look after him who was dying with cancer. Two months and several days before
his death in January 2014, Takajin married Sakura. According to his will,
Sakura was to inherit a part of Takajin's enormous fortune and all of his
business rights. However, the publication of a book titled Jun-Ai,
which portrayed Sakura as a pure-hearted lady who dedicated herself to nurse him
who was a solitary super star, revealed numbers of suspicions about
her secret past and intention to marry a much older, wealthy man in serious
disease. While major mass media, including gossip magazines
remained reluctant to report this matter, a book titled Jun-Ai No Shinjitu
(the Truth of Jun-Ai) was published and welcomed by the public with
applaud in February 2015. Although the truth has not yet become all clear, 
public awareness and suspicions of Sakura has been growing bigger day by day.

Sakura's biography (long version)

Born into Korean Family, First Marriage and Divorce

Sakura was born in 1981 as the first daughter and the second child of a
Korean family living in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture Japan.
She has an elder brother and a younger sister.

After graduating from Akashi Commercial High School in 2000,
Sakura started working as a part-time employee in a clothing store
near Kobe and married a Japanese young man living in Osaka in 2001.
However, her first marriage did not last long. She divorced in 2004,
and before then, she had gained Japanese nationality in 2003.
Sakura retained the family name of her first husband, Morita,
after the divorce.

Second Marriage and Divorce with an American guy

After the first marriage came to an end, in 2005,
Sakura entered Osaka College of Foreign Languages
and studied English there for two years. At the same time,
she had an additional person-to-person English class in a separate institute,
two or three times per week in the evening.
Sakura got to know her second husband there, who was an American named
(initial) D. Mr. D was an English teacher of her class and pious Christian.
After leaving that institute, Mr.D married Sakura,
but this second marriage did not last long, either.

Life as Mistress and Lawsuits

The court case was revealed that Sakura had been a mistress of a wealthy
senior-aged businessman, Mr. F since 2002, which meant their relationship
started before the first divorce.
This affair with him continued secretly even after the second marriage with Mr. D.
However, the secret came to light as Mr. F got angry to know
that Sakura had married a younger American man without telling it to Mr. F.
Mr. F visited Mr. D and demanded him to leave Sakura.
Mr. D, a pious Christian, decided to divorce immediately, however, Sakura
got furious and opposed to it obstinately.
Mr. D had to file a legal action against Sakura and, after all, paid compensation
to get divorced in 2007. And Mr. F also had a lawsuit with Sakura
and was said to pay her a considerable amount of money to settle it.

Third Marriage with an Italian College Student

Only a few footprints of Sakura has been remained after two years of the second
divorce. Sakura's blog reveals that she had become a wife of an Italian college
student in Dec 2009 in Japan, and had an official wedding in Sep 2010 in Italy.
Her third husband, Mr. I is several years younger than her.
Sakura claims later in the magazine interviews that she married Mr. I in
December 2008, but objective evidences show that the marriage was actually
one year later. As a partner, she started to live in a small town of Italy
with her new husband and his family. She insists that she worked there
as a professional nail-beautician in Jun-Ai and in other interviews,
but it is not confirmed.

Encounter and Marriage with Takajin, a Popular TV Host and a singer

It was said to be in December 2011 that Sakura first met Takajin Yashiki
and the mysterious drama of “Jun-ai” started. 
Takajin Yashiki was a Japanese pop singer and a well-known charismatic TV host,
especially in Mid-West (Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto) metropolitan area where he used to had
three regular TV shows with their title carrying his name (Takajin) every week.
Takajin was then aged 62 years, 32 years older than Sakura. After Thakajin
had married and divorced twice, he stayed single for more than five years.
Sakura insists that Takajin proposed to her straight after the first date.
However, she still had an Italian husband at the time and it was during her
vacation trip to Japan, accompanied by the husband, even though Sakura appears
to be single in Jun-Ai conveniently.
Sakura rejected the proposal from Takajin, but did not return to Italy
and decided to stay in Japan to look after him, who was diagnosed esophageal cancer.
Sakura nursed gradually-failing Takajin, for full two years until he passed away
in January 2014. Two months and several days before his death,
they married at Sapporo City Council in Hokkaido and Thakajin became Sakura’s
forth husband.
Sakura insists that she had discussed with her Italian husband about their divorce
more than one year before she first met Takajin, and submitted the divorce paper
in Japan in March 2012.

Sakura as a CEO of Office Takajin

According to his will, his business rights and legacies were
inherited by Sakura, who had established a new management company
named OFFICE TAKAJIN and she became its CEO. The three TV shows
carrying Takajin's name in their titles remained as it is after Takajin's
death without any major revisions. Sakura even joined one of the production
companies working for these TV programs as a board member.
Some negative rumors about Takajin's "too young" bride spread
within the broadcasting and entertainment industires, and
some of them were reported by magazines such as Weekly Bunshun
or Josei-Jishin, even though they did not gain much public attention.
Such situations, however, dramatically changed in November 2014.
A book titled Jun-Ai (Devoted to Love) was published,
claiming it is a "true story of Takajin’s last two years".

Publication of Jun-Ai

In Jun-Ai, Sakura was portrayed as a pure-hearted and unselfish
young lady who dedicated herself to nurse a super star in serious disease.
The author of the book, Naoki Hyakuta was one of the most money making
Japanese novelists of the time; his masterpiece, "Eien-no-Zeo", a novel
whose hero was a Zero-fighter pilot in the Second World War
and died in a Kamikaze-attack, became the top seller among paperbacks for
two years and its cumulative sales were said to exceed three million copies.
A huge promotion has been launched for the publication of Jun-Ai, and
the story was aired by some very popular TV programs.
It was planned and coordinated by Toru Kenjo, a president of the publishing
company called Gentosha. Kenjo is also known as a talented-editor renowned
for "outstanding" eagerness and aggressiveness.
The reputation of the author, Hyakuta Naoki and its extensive promotion
via popular TV programs brought splendid sales to the book
and first prints reached already to 250,000 copies remarkably.
Gentosha decideed to print 70,000 copies additionally
in response to the very favorable reception in the market
immediately after the TV programs were broadcasted. However,
the national-wide promotion using TV programs caused
unexpected impacts for both the publisher and Sakura.
Soon after the TV programs went on the air, numerous suspicions rose
about the credibility of the book, even though the author Hyakuta and
the publisher Kenjo both defined as the story is "100 percent non-fiction".

Big Trouble Brewing

Jun-Ai clearly shows an intention to give some negative impressions
of certain characters even though it claims true story. Especially,
Takajin's beloved daughter and his agent who devoted himself
and worked almost like a personal servant for him for years are
described as villains. Many parts of the book even describe how
Takajin was disgusted with them. On the contrary, it describes
Sakura as a pure-hearted lady who devoted herself to a famous
but solitary senior-aged star dying with serious cancer. This
made many people wonder if the book is credible as Takajin
used to mention in TVs how much he cares about his daughter.

Numbers of hand written notes also appear on the book and the
TV program also showed them. Those notes were claimed to have
been written and left by Takajin, addressing to several popular
celebrities and Sakura. However, many disputes aroused over
their style of handwriting as well as contents.

A few days after the TV programs were broadcasted, some volunteer
"investigators" who gathered at an internet forum discovered
a blog posted and administrated by Sakura some years ago
when she was in Italy with her Italian husband. Some stories
about looking after 'father' in sickness were also included.
Soon after that, another amateur investigator also "excavated" 
several wedding photos of Sakura and Mr I in Italy in Sep
2010. In Jun-Ai, nothing was mentioned about Sakura's
previous marriages and divorces. Instead, some descriptions
mislead readers to believe that Sakura was single when she first
met Takajin. Not only readers of the book, but also viewers of
the TV programs began to raise their voice of distrust or
protest against the author Naoki Hyakuta and publisher Gentosha,
as well as against TV stations which had actually
contributed Gentosha to trick many viewers into buying
this deceptive book.

Growing Doubts and Strange Silence

In a week or so, after the TV programs were broadcasted, a so-called 'big fire'
spread throughout the internet societies, and some pieces of information
about Sakura's hidden past came to light one after another, further
injuring the credibility of the non-fiction story. Under such situations,
Naoki Hyakuta was forced to admit that Sakura had been married and divorced
more than one time in the past. He claimed he had known the fact,
but did not write it in the book, taking her privacy into consideration.
"It turned to be a wrong judgement and it was my mistake, not hers". Hyakuta
commented via twitter. But suspicions were not just about her previous marriages.
Many readers questioned Sakura's way of nursing described in the book
and her self-righteous medical treatments, some of which were usually
prohibited to non-medical practitioners. Voices which doubted the authenticity
of the "psychic medium" notes became even louder through inspections.
However, on the other hand, mass media including gossip-addicted
weekly magazines, remained silent strangely about this disturbance.
Some said it was due to the Writer-Taboo long existed in the publishing society
of Japan, and other rumored a prominent influential person in the entertainment
industry helped prevent major media from reporting this matter.

Legal Action to Demand Cancelling of Publication

Mariko Hayashi, popular female novelist, raised a voice in such environments.
She wrote in her weekly articles in Bunshun magazine that no major
printing meida, including gossip-favor weekly magazines, reported
this matter was too mysterious. Soon after that, the sole daughter of
Takajin took a legal action to cancel the publication of Jun-Ai.
Takajin’s daughter claimed that the author Hyakuta had not even contacted her
before he finished the book which included several stories and comments
that defame her and injure her affection for her departed father.
Hyakuta stressed that he spent as many as 300 hours for interviewing and
research, but the truth was that he had contacted none of the characters
described negatively in the book. Jun-Ai was written almost entirely
based on the evidences and testimonies offered by Sakura and her
business collaborators. Hyakuta and Gentosha insisted this biased book
is a genuine non-fictioneven and everything is true.

Suspicions regarding Takajin's Inheritance

At first, most of Takajin's fortune was believed to be donated to public
organizations, which was thought to be a proof that Sakura did marry Takajin
not for money. But, after the lawsuit was filed by Takajin's daughter against
Gentosha, new evidences which betrayed this understanding became obvious
one after another through various reports by some websites and printing media.
Takajin actually left a will to donate 600 million yen to public organizations
from over one billion yen fortune (including real estates) , and the rest
as well as all of his business rights were to be inherited by Sakura.
His sole daughter could demand her distributive share, but even though,
amount of fortune Sakura would obtain more than 300 million yen
(approx 3 million dollars).

In addition, soon after Takajin passed away, Sakura requested the executor
of Takajin’s will, a lawyer, to exclude 180 million yen out of 280 million yen
from Takajin's inheritance list which was found in the safes of Takajin home,
claiming that the cash was a part of the reward Takajin should have paid
her with a business contract and naturally it belonged to her.
The lawyer tried to convince her she should not do so and then Sakura
submitted a claim of dismissal of this lawyer to a court.
Moreover, --- though this was a fact confirmed later, Sakura even
negotiated with Osaka Akarukurabu and Momoyama High School, both of
which were to be donated according Takajin's will, requesting them to
decline the donation. The personality of real Sakura was
completely different from a 'disinterested angel' as portrayed in Jun-Ai.

Isolation of Takajin From His Relatives

Being furious with severe criticisms of the public, started fighting back
in corporation with the author, Hyakuta. She manipulated Hyakuta's power
as he was a very important money making author in the publishing industry
and she managed to publish some refutations and interviews in popular
magazines. Weekly Shincho, Weekly Friday, Weekly FLASH and Monthly WILL
published Sakura's interviews and opinions from her point of view in
response to Hyakuta's demand. However, her explanation in these articles
was neither very convincing nor consistent, and resulted increasing more
Some other magazines reported testimonies by the sole 
daughter of Takajin, revealing that only a few people could
have contacted with Takajin during the last two years before he died
mysteriously, and they didn't even know where he was.
Takajin's mother and brothers were not invited to attend
his funeral ceremony held only two days after his death.

'Black widow' millionairess is still married to an Italian man

An Italian young man is regarded as a victim of bigamy.
He married a woman from Japan in September 2010.
He didn't know that she had been married and divorced 3 times before then.
In December 2011, she said that she had to go back to Japan to take care of her father.
As a matter of fact, she took care not of her father but a rich man and
got married to the man in October 2013, only 2 months before his death.
Some people say that his cause of death is suspicious.
While her lawyer was taking a video of his spoken will, he said only "yeah..."
in a hazy state, 4 days before his death.
The rich man was a popular musician and a TV host in Japan.
According to his (fake?) will, she can inherit about eight million dollars.
But his daughter can inherit 1/4 of her father's assets according to the law,
therefore his daughter decided to enter into a lawsuit against her stepmother.
Many Japanese people don't know how it will turn out, but hope
that the marriage in Italy will be judged invalid and
such a promising young man could divorce the con artist as soon as possible.

Woman Who Repeats Marriage

Sakura Morita (aka Sakura Signore, Sakura Shirakawa, Yoshiko Shirakawa, Sakura Yashiki,
Kang Dong-Seon) is a main character in Jun-Ai written by a Japanese author Naoki Hyakuta.
Her tremendous lies and sensational past have been revealed after the publication,
such as she had been married at least 4 times by the age of 32, obtaining some money
every time she got divorced or separated.

Husbands And Sugar Daddies of Sakura

First Marriage (with Mr. M., Japanese)
    (Vocation Unknown)
    Encounter: 2001(?)
    Marriage: 2001-
    Divorce: 2004

Second Marriage (with Mr. D., American)
    English Teacher
    Encounter: March 2006
    Marriage: April 2007-
    Divorce: March 2008

Mistress of Mr. F. (according to Sakura's own testimonies recorded in
                    official documents of the lawsuits in 2008 against Mr. F.)
    President of Game Software(incl. R18) Distribution Company
    First Rendezvous: 2002 (received 50,000 yen for each rendezvous)
    Mistress: March 2004- (received 300,000 yen monthly)
    Lived by herself as Mistress: May 2005- (received 430,000 yen monthly)
    Separation: Spring of 2007

Third Marriage (with Mr. I., Italian)
    College Student, Computer Engineer
    Encounter: 2008
    Marriage: December 2009- (in Japan)
    Bridal Ceremony in Italy: September 2010
    Divorce: March 2012(?) in Japan only

Fourth Marriage (with Takajin Yashiki)
    Singer and TV host
    Encounter: December 2011(?)
    Marriage: October 2013-
    Decease of Husband: January 2014

'Uncle' appears in Jun-Ai
    President of a company, over 70 years old
    Sakura lived in his apartment when she met Takajin
    Lend her 100,000,000 yen on 23rd April 2012
    Gave her a bag with 50,000,000 yen inside when Sakrua returned 100,000,000 on 25th May 2012

Comparison Of the book, Jun-Ai And the Reality

Here is how it's described her relationship with an Italian husband in the so-called Non-fiction "Jun-ai"(P.39)
Takajin murmured.
"Do you have a boyfriend in Italy, Sakura ?"
"Yes, I do."
"Isn't he your steady boyfriend ?"
"No" she answered. "but my father said that I should get married to him."
That made Takajin surprised a little.
It is true that her father came to Italy a year ago to see her and he liked the man so much. The Italian man has already proposed to Sakura as well. But Sakura was not able to imagine getting married to him.
However, Sakura has been already married to the Italian man at the time.

Why No Funeral But Only a Messy Home Altar ?

(Kinsma 7/11/2014 broadcasted by Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Japan)

These are cinerary urns of Takajin Yashiki, the 4th husband of Sakura,
who married him just three months before his death and inherited his
enormous fortune. Sakura claims to be a Catholic, but this home altar
does not seem following Christian customs at all.

Dear Ivan Signore

Have you heard that your former wife Sakura married Mr. Yashiki?
Mr. Yashiki is a famous Japanese singer, who passed away on January 3rd 2014.
There is a suspicious rumor that he was Sakura's FOURTH or FIFTH husband since 2002.
Right now Yashiki's daughter and other family member is accusing Sakura for
not being a legal wife, because no one can give a logical explanation.
Every time Sakura speaks out, different stories come out.
To be exact, she should be responsible for the death of Mr. Yashiki (not you, fortunately;).

Anyway, when exactly did you guys divorce, I mean strict legally?
The date is very important, we can check the official record too.

We would appreciate your reply.
Because the truth will help a lot of people. you and Sakura too.
Best regards,

Dear Ivan Signore

Do you know the current Japanese best selling non-fiction book,“Jun-Ai”?
It means in Japanese, Pure and Self‐Sacrifice Love. According
to to the Publisher GENTOUSHA, It has been published more than 320,000
since last November. The book is about your former wife Sakura's Pure and
Self‐Sacrifice Love to Takajin, who was the most popular singer and
TV show-star in Japan.

He had get married at Sakura October 2013, and died in January next year with cancer.
This book is written by Japanese best-selling novelist, and a member of the national-
wide public broadcasting system, NHK's managerial commission Mr. Naoki Hyakuta.

At first, the book gained great sympathy to Sakura as a devoting wife who cared his
husband in sickness. And some TV programs including both national-wide and
local level had took their story and praised her. But soon, some internet users
noticed contradictions between the descriptions of the book and the internet
sources written by Sakura herself.

Dear Ivan Signore

Your wife is a very suspicious person.

When she married you in 2008, she had already been married and divorced twice.
While you were married, she had a lover and received JPY 300,000 from him every month.
This is recorded in court records.

She most likely had a lover the entire time you were engaged as well as when you were married.

In December 2011, while living in Osaka, your wife started an affair with a rich man in the last years of his life.
In March of 2012, your wife divorced you in Japan. Did you sign the divorce paper? Did you go through the divorce procedures in Italy?
In October 2012, she married a rich man in Japan.
In January or 2013 (three months after they married), this rich man died and left her several hundred million Yen.

As he died so soon after they were married, some suspect that she may have had a hand in his death.

This has become very big news in Japan.
If you are uncertain about anything, I recommend going to a court in Japan. There are many people who can help you with this.

Psychic Memos

Psychic Memos are approximately 1,000 hand-written notes of Takajin, which
are all written by Takajin himself, apparently.
Some of the memos are addressed to big names in the entertainment industry
and have been handed via Sakura to those celebrities one by one.
Hyakuta thought these memos are important evidences to endorse
testimonies of Sakura when he was writing Jun-Ai, and to be used in TV
programs including Kinsma and Mr. Sunday, introducing them
to viewers as 'Takajin-Memos'.

Soon after the TV programs were on the air, doubts about both a style of the
hand-writing and contents arose among old friends as well as fans of Takajin.
Sakura brought one of the notes --- commonly called 'Nukui-memo', to Momoyama
High School when she negotiated with the school, asking to decline the donation.
At that time, Mr. Nukui, the principal of the high school, was recognized
immediately that it is a trick and he refused her request. A book titled
Hyakuta Naoki's Jun-Ai No Shinjitsu (Truth of Hyakuta Naoki's Jun-Ai) drew a
conclusion that Nukui-Memo was a forgery from judgment of an authority in
hand-writing analysis as well as from a chronological disorder.
After its publication, an expert involved in analysis of hand-writing for
the book mentioned that many other Takajin-Memos seemed to be fabricated
by someone other than Takajin.

It is called 'psychic memos' as these notes are written as if a psychic
transcribed dead person's thoughts.

Naoki Hyakuta's Hilarious Twitter Posts

Theme 1 : Wear One's Life

Twitted on 18 June 2012
Some authors say "I wore my life for work".  But it's much too exaggerated. 
Even if you had such a feeling, do not put into words. Whether or not 
you wear your life, or stroke your dick, process does not matter. 
The result is everything. 

Twitted on 4 Nov. 2014
Advance-announcement in secret... 
A new book will be published on 7th. For the last six months, 
I have struggled to finish it, almost wearing my life. 
A book I will never be able to write again. 


Web Reports

"Cancer claims Osaka-based TV celebrity, singer Takajin , aged 64"


"Weeklies walk a fine line in scandal reporting"


"Who is Sakura Yashiki?"


Jun-Ai (Devoted to Love)

Naoki, Hyakuta(2014). Jun-Ai (Devoted to Love). Gentosha Inc.

The Truth of Naoki Hyakuta's "Jun-Ai"

Nobuhiko Kadooka, Kensuke Nishioka, Wataru Yashiki, Takarajima Magazine Crew(2015.)
Hyakuta Naoki "Jun-ai" no Shinjitsu (The Truth of Naoki Hyakuta's "Jun-Ai"). Takarajimasha,Inc.


Yashiki Takajin

The Eternal Zero

Naoki Hyakuta


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